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Deep Tissue Massage Services

Myofascial Release work / Trigger Point Therapy work / Medical Acupuncture or Dry Needling / Cupping / Joint mobilisation

Sports Therapy Sessions

Postural Alignment Check / Manual Treatment of muscles and soft tissues / Injury Rehabilitation / Taping / Exercise Recovery Plans


Hi, I’m Richard

Certified Sports Therapist

Having a wealth of experience in all areas of soft tissue release, sports injury and musculoskeletal rehabilitation, look no further, we really can help and make a difference when it comes to improving and maintaining your quality of life.


Introducing Lake Sports Therapy
and Rehabilitation

Your path to a pain free active lifestyle

As well as being one of the leading Sport Injury Clinics in Costa del Sol we also offer home visits; deep tissue massage; myofascial release techniques; dry needling; acupuncture and cupping amongst other skillsets to make you feel comfortable and know that you are in good hands.


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